Are Roadside Billboards a Distraction?

Roadside billboards cost considerable money for those who choose this form of advertisement. Therefore, the goal of the advertiser is to distract motorists as they navigate through traffic on a daily basis.

Let us examine a billboard that appeared on the Delaware roadway system and see if you believe it can be effective in DISTRACTING Delaware motorists.

[vc_column_text]No question the picture above is a winner. It is an A+ for DISTRACTION.

FYI – in case you didn’t notice the finger pointing skyward is the ring finger, but it will definitely cause a motorist to take a second look. WE REPORT – YOU DECIDE!

QUESTION: Are the following pictures of several roadside billboards an example of your taxpayers’ money being used to fund BILLBOARD DISTRACTIONS?

Is the BILLBOARD DISTRACTION in the pictures above worth your taxpayers’ money? WE REPORT – YOU DECIDE!

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