“The refresher course was easy to take and it went quickly. The videos were right on point and enjoyable to watch. I am glad they were part of the course in addition to the text. The test part was extremely efficient. I recommended this to my spouse and would recommend the DDD Inc courses to everyone.”
~ Pamela

“Fantastic curriculum. Easy to use website and great course setup, everything was easy to navigate. Thanks!”
~ Greg

“Customer service was very helpful and professional. Will definitely recommend the course to others and will return in three years to take the course again.”
~ Sharon

“Quick and easy to follow instructions for a refresher course. The course is quickly downloadable and it was no problem to sign back on when I signed out before completing the entire course. Thank you for making it so easy to do!”
~ Pam

“This is a great company to take your online defensive driving course with. I needed a little help with customer service and they were awesome!”
~ Cynthia

“The course was well organized and its content was very comprehensive.”
~ John

“I thought I knew everything about driving, am I glad I took this course. This should be mandatory for all drivers.”
~ Rob

“Very helpful! I learned so much, thank you”
~ Guillermo

“The last time I took defensive was back in 98, and in a classroom. I really enjoyed the ability to do this online, and being in my home with little to no distractions. The course was well put together, and although seemingly simplistic in design it was very informative. I will defiantly make it a point to return back in three years for the refresher course. I will also make it a point to share this to all my friends and family, and help spread the word. Thanks again”
~ Vanessa

“Good job. I learned something new even though I been driving over 25 years”
~ Demetrice

“I’ve taken multiple defensive driving courses over the years and this was by far the most entertaining end easiest to go through. Best part is I remember the material covered.”
~ Kevin

“Great course. Everyone should be required to take a course like this every time they renew their license.”
~ Mary

“Very informative, a refresher never hurts. Great online experience.”
~ Xin

“Excellent online review! There is always something new to learn! I enjoyed the format!”
~ Juan

“All drivers should take this course. Very informative. Explained a lot of things that have irked me for years. Thanks!”
~ Shannon