Delaware Aggressive Driving

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, then you may have “Aggressive Driving” tendencies.

QUESTION: Do you sometimes get “angry” with other drivers?

Following too close!
Failure to lower high beams!
Passing on the shoulder!
Talking on the cell phone at a green light!
Failure to yield!

“Smart Defense” by “The D Team” highly suggests that “anger” toward other drivers can rapidly turn into potentially dangerous “aggression” causing your vehicle to resemble the one pictured below.

“Smart Defense” by “The D Team” now presents a technique that has the potential to lessen “anger” before it turns into “aggressive driving”.

The choice is yours – use “Smart Defense” to improve your odds of returning home safely instead of increasing your odds of becoming a deadly statistic (see below).

THE “Smart Defense” TECHNIQUE

Feel free to verbalize (@#$%) your true feelings (“anger”) as it occurs — just not loud enough for other vehicle operators to hear.

Try to verbalize “humor” rather than “anger” — in time this will become easier.

The most important step — without engaging in the following critical step this technique will fail. You must immediately turn your negative “anger” into a positive environment by verbalizing how fortunate the other driver is to have you there to help cover for their “STUPID” driving (SOS). Yes, the other driver certainly is a “STUPID” driver, but your “SMART” driving skills saved the day. By practicing this “anger” management technique you will become better at implementing it.

Will this “anger” management technique work for you? Will your outbursts lessen in both intensity and length? “YOU BE THE JUDGE”!

If you’re fortunate, your guilt will only result in a ticket, or loss of your license and be required to take a Delaware Aggressive Driving course. Unfortunately, aggressive driving increases the odds for innocent victims to become collision statistics. It could even happen to you!

Delaware Defensive Driving Course