Delaware Roundabouts

If there is only one traffic lane in the ROUNDABOUT, there will only be one entrance YIELD SIGN (see picture #7-13 below).

Picture #7-13 — 1 Traffic Lane — Mifflin Road in Dover DE

If there are two traffic lanes in the ROUNDABOUT, there will be a YIELD SIGN on both the left and right (see picture below).

2 Traffic Lanes — Rehoboth Ave in Rehoboth DE

The picture below is a diagram of what “The D Team” believes is an accurate depiction of the Rehoboth Ave. ROUNDABOUT. The photo in the center of the diagram is that of a typical Delaware motorist who experienced this 4- way multi lane design ROUNDABOUT for the first time and ended up driving in circles – just kidding! Well maybe not!?

Picture #7-15

However, this particular ROUNDABOUT is more confusing than the typical 4-way single lane entry points in picture #7-13. The Rehoboth design is actually a combination multi lane/single lane design (picture #7-15 above).

THE GOOD NEWS! The majority of visitors to Rehoboth will be traveling east/west on Rehoboth Ave. – just pick a lane and go. If the east/west Rehoboth Ave route isn’t your choice then “The D Team” suggests you spend time studying picture #7-15 above.

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