Delaware Turn Signal Laws

QUESTION:  When is it illegal to use your turn signals?

THE ANSWER: Read Delaware Law below:


Subchapter VI. Turning and Starting and Signals on
Stopping and Turning
§ 4155. Turning movements and required signals.
(b) A signal of intention to turn or move right or left when required shall be given continuously during not less than the last 300 feet or more than one-half mile traveled by the vehicle before turning.
(d) The signals provided for in § 4156 of this title shall be used to indicate an intention to turn, change lanes or start from a parked position and shall not be flashed on 1 side only on a parked or disabled vehicle, or flashed as a courtesy or “do pass” signal to operators of other vehicles approaching from the rear.

IMPORTANT: Delaware law does not require your flashing hazard lights to be activated when stopped on the shoulder of the road. “The D Team” takes the position it is “Smart Defense” to activate them under this condition.

IMPORTANT: “The D Team” takes the position it is “Smart Defense” to delay activating your turn signals until there are no intersecting roads prior to your intended turning point. Sometimes this delay may interfere with the 300 feet requirement law, but safety should always be the overriding principle.

IMPORTANT: When a motor vehicle with an activated turn signal is approaching your vehicle from an intersecting roadway, there is only one message that can be assumed – THE TURN SIGNAL IS ON! It does not mean it is safe to go.

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