Delaware Yield Sign Law

Exactly what is the YIELD SIGN intending to mean in the picture above?

If your answer is YIELD — that is not a complete answer.

THE ANSWER: When a YIELD SIGN is placed in a right-turn lane separated from straight traffic by a painted or raised traffic island (yellow & black arrow #2 above) it is intending to mean that right-turning traffic does not have an adequate acceleration lane and will be required to make one of the following three choices.

Choice #1 — stop until clear to merge
Choice #2 — adjust to a safe merging speed
Choice #3 — continue and merge at current speed

Please note the word intending was purposely used due to the “The D Team’s”previous acknowledgment of INCONSISTENCIES of Delaware roadway designs.

The above is only an introduction to RIGHT-TURN YIELDS. This topic will be discussed in greater detail in upcoming chapters utilizing the “Gift of Life” principles of “Smart Defense”.

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