“I appreciate much your safe driving course. It has made me more aware of the road laws, safety and potential hazards. I will continue to pay more attention and forward any future oxymoron conditions.”
– Raphel

“This course on-line was excellent. It really did take only 3 hours – but was very informative. In fact, I prefer it to the classroom course. I feel like I learned more detailed information.
Thank you for making this available on-line. I highly recommend this version.”
– Sherry W. | Newark, Delaware

“I have just completed the online 6 hour basic course with Delaware Defensive Driving Inc. I must say, as an educator, I have taken many online courses and found this one to be superior to all of them.
First, the ease of use, all the chapters are well-ogranized with helpful pictures and graphics that keep your interest and really allow you to see the SMART and STUPID options right there on the computer screen. The program timers are accurate and allow time to read all the material at a comfortable pace and then review it before each quiz. I would say anyone that uses a computer would be able to complete the online course with confidence.”
Secondly, the content itself offers not only the Law, but a layman’s explanation of the law and how it applies. The information is clear cut and at times humorous which again makes the content only more inviting.
Finally, I would strongly urge anyone that is an independent learner and likes to learn via online content to take this course. They will come away with a refreshed and renewed sense of driving SMART and respecting the FORCE :)”
– Maria R.

“I really enjoyed your Delaware Defensive Driving course…I must admit this was the most interesting course of all the ones that I have taken.”
– Sue M. | Newark, Delaware

“My husband and I took the Defensive Driving Class given by the D Team at the Modern Maturity Center and we want you to know that it was without a doubt the BEST class we have had yet! Bob is a FANTASTIC instructor… He educates with precision.”
– Leona H. | Camden, Delaware

“I am writing to let you know that the Delaware Defensive Driving, Inc. course is a remarkable course. I hold a bachelors of arts, a juris doctorate, and have taken and passed 3 bar exams. I emphasize this because I believe that Bob’s teaching techniques are as effective if not more effective as the best instructors I have taken.”
– Jimmy C. | Wilmington, DE

“Thanks for doing such a great job! Everything was presented in an interesting fashion which kept everyone’s attention. We all learned a lot.”
– Linda H. | Georgetown, Delaware

“My grandmother and I really enjoyed having Bob as a teacher for the Delaware Defensive Driving class. Bob helped us to understand things better. There were things he told us that we thought we were doing right and we weren’t. Bob and his wife Dot two of the most nicest people we have met. Keep up the good work Bob and Dot.”
– Marlene D. | Dover, Delaware

“My wife, daughter and I all took “Smart Defense” presented by the D Team, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had taken the Defensive Driving Course several times prior to yours, and were extremely bored with their method of presentation. The method in which your instructor presented the information made a big difference.”
– Hubert C. | Wilmington, Delaware