Yellow Pavement Line Markings in Delaware

Question: Can a yellow pavement line marking being on both the left and right side of your vehicle at the same time?

In both the left (“reversible lane”) and right-side (“shared center lane”) of picture #15- 22 below the yellow pavement line marking can appear on both the left- side and right- side of a vehicle at the same time.

The white arrow in the left-side picture is pointing toward a black vehicle that has yellow pavement line markings on both the left-side and the right-side at the same time. The purpose of a “reversible lane” is to help handle heavy traffic flow during certain time periods of the day such as morning going to work time an evening returning home time.

The “center lane” in the right-side of picture #15-22 above can be used by vehicles traveling in opposite directions for the purpose of making a left-turn. Once entering the “shared center lane” also known as a “two-way left-turn lane” a vehicle will have a yellow payment line marking on both the left-side and right-side at the same time.

Important: a yellow pavement line marking is always left but in the two examples in picture #15- 22 above it is also right.

Simple Slogan: “when it’s yellow left is right” — meaning left is correct. The yellow payment line marking identifies the direction of travel period even when the yellow payment line marking is both left and right at the same time the left-side marking indicates the direction of travel.

Answer: Yes – see picture #15-22

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