Determining One-Way & Two-Way Roads By Line Markings

QUESTION #1: Is the picture below a ONE-WAY ROAD or a TWO-WAY ROAD.

ANSWER #1: The RIGHT SIDE of the road (northbound — arrow #1) is a ONE-WAY ROAD. As you have already learned there is no passing on a one-way road. There is only lane changing and lane changing does not require you to return to your original lane (you can remain in the lane into which you changed).

ANSWER #2: The LEFT SIDE of the road (southbound — arrow #2) is a TWO-WAY ROAD. It is legal to pass, but a return to the original lane is required. Obviously, lane changing would not be permitted because a lane change would create a hazard with opposite direction traffic.

SUMMARY: If you knew the correct answers you are to be commended. However, do not feel bad if you got an answer wrong. This is truly an advanced quiz. Fortunately, in Delaware we have not yet been exposed to such a complicated roadway design as COMBINATION ONE-WAY/ TWO-WAY ROAD.

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