Rural Road Conditions in Delaware

COUNTRY DRIVING — a favorite of the FORCE!

QUESTION: What type of lines (straight/curved) make the bend in the road identified by the sign pictured above?

ANSWER: STRAIGHT LINES! But the road “CURVES” is generally what is said to challenge the STRAIGHT LINE answer.

“The D Team” responds! It is basic GEOMETRY. All turns and/or bends in the road are made up of STRAIGHT LINES some of which can be as small as a pinhead. ANGLES are then used to connect the STRAIGHT LINES and the illusion of a single curved line appears – see picture below.

Now it should be clear to you why country driving is favorite of the FORCE. Country driving can be loaded with ANGLES (curves) causing a motorist to make untold number of adjustments with the steering wheel. Add speed into the mix with hills (picture #15-10 below), reduce traction (rain, sleet, snow or wet leaves) and a motorist increases their odds of falling under the POWER OF THE FORCE — SPEED/ANGLES/TRACTION! He/she will end up going straight on a curved country road.

Picture #15-10

Maintain a safe SPEED by adjusting to all of the ANGLES in the road. Be aware of the changes in TRACTION and you can enjoy motoring on country roads.

It is called NEUTRALIZING THE POWER OF THE FORCE. Something the driver of the yellow racecar (black & yellow arrow) in the picture below failed to accomplish. It is obvious this driver is now under the POWER OF THE FORCE.

Next stop – THE WALL.

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