Rules For Right Turn Lanes In Delaware

QUESTION: What suggestion would you have for DelDOT to FIX the intersection in the above where the YIELD SIGN (yellow & black arrow) is hidden by the tree.

If you said trim the trees (yellow & black arrow) so the YIELD SIGN is visible you are 100% incorrect and “The D Team” strongly suggests you spend more time reviewing the DelDOT quotes before proceeding to the test questions.

THE CORRECT ANSWER: Remove the YIELD SIGN. DelDOT quote which applies to this heavily traveled intersection in Dover, DE — “If… there is no striped or concrete island…this indicates that the right-turn movement is controlled by the traffic signal. In this situation there should be a STOP LINE across the right-turn lane, …and there should be no YIELD SIGN. The nearest signal head to the right-turn lane controls the right-turn movement.”

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