Hand Positions On The Steering Wheel

When it comes to hand position on the steering wheel and in particular how many hands on the steering wheel many drivers would disagree.

“The D Team” is quite sure you have heard it time and time again “9” and “3” or “10” and “2”. Let us be perfectly clear, there is nothing wrong with either of the previous mentioned steering wheel hand positions.

However, “The D Team” has never been able to locate any scientific study validating their increased safety. “Smart Defense” by the “The D Team” recommends it is your choice as to hand position on the steering wheel — “THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES”.

However, there is an almost “ABSOLUTE” when it comes to how many hands should be on the steering wheel. If you answer “1” you are wrong. Likewise, if you answer “2” you are also wrong. The almost “ABSOLUTE” answer is a maximum of “2” and a minimum of “1” — driving with your knees is not recommended!

Why is the answer almost “ABSOLUTE”? Because there are individuals who do not have the ability to use their hands in the driving process but can control the steering of a motor vehicle by other methods.

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