Delaware Pavement Line Markings

QUESTION:  A single solid white line is identified in Delaware Law as meaning what?

THE ANSWER: Delaware Law does not have any identification of the meaning of a solid white line. In fact, Delaware Law does not identify the meaning of any PAVEMENT LINE MARKINGS be it YELLOW or WHITE.

The “The D Team” will turn to the previously mentioned MUTCD for the answer to the meaning of a single solid white line since there is no Delaware Law that addresses PAVEMENT LINE MARKINGS.

According to the MUTCD a single solid white line DISCOURAGES crossing. The MUTCD goes on to state a double solid white line PROHIBITS crossing.

IMPORTANT: “The D Team” is not encouraging any motorist to cross a single solid white line. However, the “The D Team” is identifying there is no Delaware Law to prohibit such an act.

The Delaware Drivers Manual does identify PAVEMENT LINE MARKINGS. This Manual is not Delaware Law and is not always accurate. CAUTION should be used.

ADDITIONAL CAUTION — even though DelDOT claims the MUTCD as the authority they follow, unfortunately INCONSISTENCIES in the use of PAVEMENT LINE MARKINGS in Delaware are present thus leading to potential confusion.

Picture #2-10
Concord Pike-Wilmington Delaware

Picture #2-11
Concord Pike-Wilmington Delaware

WHY are there single broken white lines and a single solid white line approaching two separate traffic light controlled intersections on the Concord Pike in Wilmington, DE (see picture #2-10 and picture #2-11 above)? BET you didn’t pay any attention to the INCONSISTENCIES.

“The D Team” believes the following formula exists:

1. INCONSISTENCIES increase the odds for CONFUSION.

2. CONFUSION increases the odds for COLLISIONS.

3. COLLISIONS increase the odds for becoming a STATISTIC.

Therefore, it is a goal of “The D Team” to lessen the INCONSISTENCIES/CONFUSION on Delaware roadways through identification and education.

IMPORTANT: Immediately below you will find a statement taken directly from the MUTCD emphasizing the “Gift of Life” safety importance of the accurate understanding of PAVEMENT LINE MARKINGS.


Learn About Pavement Markings — MUTCD:
Pavement markings are a very important part of the communication system for road users along our Nation’s highways and roads. Can you imagine traveling on a freeway, major highway, or city street without the information that pavement markings provide? Pavement markings help you correctly position your vehicle, guide you through the many different situations you encounter, indicate where passing is allowed, and warn you of upcoming conditions.

In many cases, pavement markings supplement and enhance the messages of other traffic control devices such as traffic signs and signals. Sometimes pavement markings are the only effective way of providing positive guidance or communicating certain regulations or other messages. Because markings are located on the roadway directly in line with the travel path, they can be more prominently visible than other devices and you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to view them.

Pavement markings communicate their messages to you through a uniform system of colors, patterns, widths, symbols, and words. Uniformity of these features throughout the Nation, as required by the MUTCD, makes it possible for you to instantly recognize the meaning of the markings in any given situation and quickly react to them, enabling you to travel safely and efficiently along the roadway.”

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