Reduced Speed Ahead Signs In Delaware

Picture #3-11

Picture #3-12

Which of the above signs is the most effective in warning motorists of a slower speed zone ahead – Picture #3-11 or Picture #3-12?


The sign that identifies the actual maximum speed limit ahead is a real benefit. DelDOT is in the process of replacing the original “REDUCED SPEED AHEAD” sign with the new sign (picture #3-12). “The D Team” is concerned that Delaware drivers may misinterpret this new sign as identifying the maximum speed limit at the actual location of the sign – a potentially dangerous interpretation.


They mean more than “REDUCED SPEED AHEAD”. What they really mean is:

1. Take your foot off the gas at the sign to begin to decelerate.

2. If you are on cruise control then you should tap off the cruise control at the point of the sign.

While no driver will ever be perfect at these techniques due mainly to driver distraction, following this “REDUCED SPEED AHEAD” procedure will lessen heart palpations when a police vehicle is spotted down the road.

Utilizing these techniques can also save considerable sums of money – speeding tickets/auto insurance increase.

Which sign is best? “The D Team” picks the one that identifies the actual new speed limit (picture #3-12). Especially when its true purpose is known. “YOU BE THE JUDGE”!

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