How To Avoid A Head-On Collision

When faced with a head-on collision which way should you go — left/right?

Fortunately, head-on collision avoidance is extremely rare. Unfortunately, there are those who believe the highly emotional (extreme fear) quick reaction technique for escaping a head-on collision can be taught in a classroom setting. Furthermore, there are those who take the position that one should never go left to escape.

Granted, NASCAR drivers (see picture below) have advanced their skill level in quick reaction evasive maneuvers through considerable practice. Even such skilled drivers face poor odds when out of nowhere an opposite direction vehicle is rapidly closing in their lane.

It is an undeniable fact that becoming competent in any quick reaction behavior requires substantial practice. Unless you are a NASCAR driver, the practicing of quick reaction behavior can be dangerous and is not recommended. “The D Team” stands by its position that the instantaneous recall of techniques such as head-on collision avoidance are rare and/or impossible when facing an immediate collision scenario. However that being said, the following are a couple of suggestions just in case you are able to accomplish the near impossible.

1. Reduce speed — the force of the collision is the combination of the speed of both vehicles.

2. Attempt to reduce the frontal force of the head-on collision by changing your direction of travel to create a glancing blow. “THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES”

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