How To Use Anti-Lock Brakes

4-WHEEL ANTI-LOCK BRAKES CLARIFICATION: There are those who suggest the major benefit of ANTI-LOCK BRAKES is to decrease stopping distance. However, STEERING is the real benefit of this type of braking system. ANTI-LOCK BRAKES will allow for continued tire rotation until the vehicle has no more momentum. The tire rotation allows for some degree of steering of the vehicle thus possibly avoiding a collision. On the other hand, tire lock-up which can occur with NON ANTI-LOCK BRAKES is a major cause of the vehicle skidding in an uncontrollable manner.

ANTI-LOCK – press hard and keep pressing until clear of a problem. If you release pressure and/or pump your brakes the benefits of ANTI-LOCK will disappear.

NON ANTI-LOCK – pump them the best you can because if you treat them like ANTI-LOCKS your tires will lock-up and you will have no control of your vehicle. The FORCE will be in full control.

2-WHEEL ANTI-LOCK: Rear wheels only (ANTI-LOCK) so it is still possible to lock your front wheels with too much pressure. If that happens and you need steering, the only option is to release brake pressure.


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