Illegal Driving Habits

Many Delaware motorists will defend their lack of knowledge relative to the rules of the road by claiming — no harm no foul. Meaning he/she has always made this illegal act without any negative outcome.

SOS: Sorry, but if one relies on the past to predict the future there is no question smart driving cannot be used to characterize that motorists driving skills.

First, such an excuse (no harm – no foul) will probably not work with a police officer who is familiar with Delaware traffic law — there goes your DMV driving record. The violation will add points to that record and yes, your auto insurance may also make a substantial climb.

Second, a pedestrian (possibly a child) waiting to cross the intersection may attempt to cross because you have a red signal. The result could be serious because you were moving forward/scanning left an attempting to turn right without coming to a full stop first.

Third, “The D Team” stands by the principle concerning quick reaction evasive maneuvers “There Are No Absolutes”. However, exposing oxymorons is an “Absolute”.

Delaware Defensive Driving Course