Right Turning Traffic In Delaware

QUESTION: Since the TRAFFIC SIGNAL in intersection picture above is not directly over the right-turn lane does it still control right-turning traffic or does the YIELD SIGN control the right-turn lane?

ANSWER: According to DelDOT the TRAFFIC SIGNAL (arrow #1) does not have to be located over a right-turn lane to control the movement in that lane and there should be no YIELD SIGN (arrow #2): “The nearest signal head to the right-turn lane controls the right-turn movement… therefore, the signal head for the adjacent through movement also controls the right-turn movement…In this situation there should be a STOP LINE… and there should be no YIELD SIGN.”

“The D Team” FIX IT #2 recommendation: REMOVE the YIELD SIGN in all RIGHT-TURN LANES that are under the control of a TRAFFIC SIGNAL.


A FULL STOP at the painted stop line is required before turning right on a red traffic signal in this intersection. Since there is NO TRAFFIC ISLAND separating the Right-turn Lane from traffic proceeding straight, the nearest traffic signal controls all movements in this intersection. DelDOT has now brought this intersection into required legal standards by removing the YIELD SIGN identified in first picture (black/yellow arrow #2) above.

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