When To Yield Or Stop When Turning Right

“The D Team” FIX IT #5 recommendations: PAINT A STOP LINE in the RIGHT-TURN LANE (arrow #1) in intersection picture above and remove the YIELD SIGN. According to DelDOT: “If… there is no striped or concrete island…this indicates that the right-turn movement is controlled by the traffic signal. In this situation there should be a STOP LINE across the right-turn lane,…and there should be no YIELD SIGN. The nearest signal head to the right-turn lane controls the right-turn movement.”

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR DELDOT: There may be sufficient area to channel the right-turn lane in intersection picture above with a striped island. If that can be done, it would call for a YIELD before making a right-turn on a red traffic signal as well as a YIELD when making a right-turn on a green traffic signal.


In the above picture, a white painted traffic island (YELLOW ARROW) was painted on the road surface which is meant to identify the intersection traffic signal does not control traffic turning right. The YIELD SIGN (STOP/SLOW/GO) is now the control for right-turning traffic on both a red and a green intersection traffic signal.

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