Delaware Defensive Driving Certificate

Upon successful completion of a Delaware DMV-approved Defensive Driving course, you will immediately receive a certificate for an insurance discount! It “shall be applied to the total premiums for bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and personal injury protection coverage” and “The presentation of a course-completion certificate (whether for an initial or refresher course) shall constitute conclusive evidence of satisfaction of the requirements of this regulation for purposes of receiving the discount; and insurance carriers may not demand or require any other form of documentation or prior course completion certificates in order to apply the applicable discount required by this regulation.” (Delaware Department of Insurance Regulation 607).

Basic Defensive Driving Course: “A 10% discount shall be applied with respect to the applicable premium(s) for each automobile, motor home, or motorcycle insured under a policy if all operators named on the policy as insureds complete the course.”

Refresher Defensive Driving Course: “An insured who has received a motor vehicle accident prevention discount as outlined above may take, and must then complete, a refresher motor vehicle accident prevention course. An insured who completes a refresher course within the one hundred and eighty days prior to the three year expiration date shall receive a 15% discount effective the next renewal date.”

Did you know? Delaware Defensive Driving Inc. never adds extra fees for you to receive your certificate. We also do not make you wait or put a hold on email delivery of your certificate. After completion of your course the certificate is available immediately in your account for download, AND you also receive a free copy in your email.

Delaware Defensive Driving Course