Expired Delaware Defensive Driving Insurance Discount

If your defensive driving certificate is over 3 years old, you most likely have lost your defensive driving insurance discount. The GOOD news is that you have up to 5 years since your last completion date to still take the Refresher Defensive Driving course and your 15% insurance discount will be added back on!

According to the Delaware Department of Insurance:  “An insured who completes the refresher course after the expiration of the three year period shall lose the 10% or 15% discount on the expiration date, but shall receive the 15% discount effective on the date of completion of the refresher course, if said completion is within two years of the expiration date.” – DOI SB 178

Contact us if you’re not sure the last time you completed a Delaware Defensive Driving course.

Did you know? If you complete a Delaware Defensive Driving course with us we will remind you by email when it’s time to renew in the future. We don’t want your insurance discount to run out!

Delaware Defensive Driving Course