Incorrect Road Signage in Delaware

In the above News Journal cartoon, Santa is directing one of his elves to deliver to DelDOT a document on how to design a road. While humor can be entertaining, there is also humor that falls into the category of sad humor. Unfortunately, the above Santa cartoon falls into the sad humor category, and it is not funny even though we are all tempted to laugh. In previous chapters “The D Team” identified multiple intersections where DelDOT has incorrect signage — yield signs that do not belong and or yield signs that are missing.

First, we shall review exactly when the main intersection traffic light controls right- turning traffic. DelDOT’s answer is extremely simple, thus they should never get it wrong when installing a yield sign. Unfortunately, they do, and the result is massive confusion by Delaware motorists.

1) Picture #11-9 below clearly shows there is no traffic island (painted or cement) separating the right- turn Lane from the through traffic Lane. This intersection design according to DelDOT identifies the right- turn Lane is controlled by the main intersection traffic signal.

2) DelDOT also states that unless there is a sign stating “No Turn On Red” Then a “Right Turn On Red” is absolutely available. However, a full stop must occur at the prescribed stopping point (stop lying blue arrow above) before making the “Right Turn On Red”. Unfortunately, the “Right Turn On Red” has become one of the most perplexing areas of driving in Delaware. DelDOT has engaged in massive confusion concerning the seemingly simple driving task by incorrectly placing yield signs in right turn lanes that are controlled by the main intersection traffic signal (picture #11- 10 below). the result– Delaware drivers are in a major state of confusion through no fault of their own.

Important: Both traffic signals and picture #11- 9 above control the right-turn lane (traffic signal duplication). DelDOT has acknowledged at the nearest signal to the right- turn Lane controls that Lane. The traffic signal does not have to be located directly over a turn Lane to control the flow of traffic in that Lane (see picture #11- 9 above).

3) The above Picture #11- 10 is a clear demonstration of DelDOT’s intersection confusion. The red traffic signal requires right- turning traffic to come to a full stop at the right- turn Lane stop line (see above arrow). However, for some unknown reason DelDOT decided to spend additional taxpayers’ money an install a yield sign for right- turning traffic that contradicts their own legal requirements. Confusion repeated — in the intersection in picture #11- 10 above, right- turning traffic is required to come to a full stop on a red traffic signal prior to turning right — DelCode Title 21. At the same time right- turning traffic can proceed to turn right without coming to a full stop on the red traffic signal due to the placement of the yield sign– del code title 21. As stated in previously, DelDOT has created an oxymoron. They are increasing the odds of a collision. DelDOT should not be in the business of increasing such odds.

4) The Carryover Effect: Many Delaware motorists no longer stop on a red traffic signal when making a right- turn on a red traffic signal even when there is no yield sign present. Picture #11- 11 below is an example of a properly designed intersection that will unquestionably be abused by Delaware motorists who mistakenly believe that since the traffic signal is not directly over the right- turn Lane it does not control right- turning traffic. Guaranteed few Delaware motorists will come to a full stop when turning on a red traffic signal in this intersection.

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