Delaware Stopping Point Law

“The D Team” recently observed 5 vehicles in a row violate the Delaware STOPPING POINT Law at intersection picture above. They all made a right-turn without coming to a STOP on a red traffic signal.

There can be no question this is a traffic light controlled intersection. A right-turn on a red traffic signal from the right-turn lane absolutely requires a FULL STOP at the STOP LINE. However, the YIELD SIGN can serve no other purpose than to confuse Delaware motorists about the STOPPING POINT Law.

“The D Team” FIX IT recommendations: REMOVE the YIELD SIGN in all RIGHT-TURN LANES that are under the control of a TRAFFIC SIGNAL. Intersection picture above according to DelDOT’S own words is inconsistent! “The nearest signal head to the right-turn lane controls the right-turn movement…therefore, the signal head for the adjacent through movement also controls the right-turn movement…In this situation there should be a STOP LINE… and there should be no YIELD SIGN.”

“Smart Defense”: When YIELD SIGNS are removed to bring intersections into consistency, strong consideration should be given to hanging a sign on the opposite direction traffic signal stating “LEFT TURN ON GREEN MUST YIELD” to reinforce opposite direction traffic that they have the YIELD requirement.


A FULL STOP at the painted stop line is required before turning right on a red traffic signal in this intersection. Since there is NO TRAFFIC ISLAND separating the Right-turn Lane from traffic proceeding straight, the nearest traffic signal controls all movements in this intersection. DelDOT has now brought this intersection into required legal standards by removing the YIELD SIGN identified in the picture above.

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