What’s the Difference Between Refresher and Advanced Defensive Driving Courses?

THE ANSWER: Nothing! They are the same exact course!

Why the different names for the same course?  Some places (mostly insurance companies) refer to the course as Advanced Defensive Driving.  The Delaware Department of Insurance and Delaware DMV refer to the course as Refresher Defensive Driving.

Delaware Department of Insurance:

– “If a driver takes a refresher course within 180 days of the end of the three-year period, he/she is eligible to receive up to a 15 percent discount off a portion of his/her auto insurance for three years.” – DOI SB 178

– “An insured who has received a motor vehicle accident prevention discount as outlined in section 4.1 may take, and must then complete, a refresher motor vehicle accident prevention course. An insured who completes a refresher course within the one hundred and eighty days prior to the three year expiration date shall receive a 15% discount effective the next renewal date.” – DOI Regulation 607

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles:

– “2 DE Reg 2224 requires a minimum of six hours instructional time for a basic defensive driving course and three hours for a refresher course” and “When do I take the refresher defensive driving course? The refresher course can be completed no less than two years and six months after the initial defensive driving course, but no more than five years after the initial course.” – Delaware DMV Defensive Driving FAQ

Did you know? If you previously completed a Delaware Defensive Driving course from a different provider, you can take the Refresher course with any DMV-approved provider if it is time for renewal. “The presentation of a course-completion certificate (whether for an initial or refresher course) shall constitute conclusive evidence of satisfaction of the requirements of this regulation for purposes of receiving the discount; and insurance carriers may not demand or require any other form of documentation or prior course completion certificates in order to apply the applicable discount required by this regulation.” (DOI Regulation 607)

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