Move Over Law In Delaware

Did you know Delaware has a “move over law”?

The MOVE OVER LAW is recent and not well publicized. It is also not known by many Delaware motorists. Furthermore, out of state drivers who travel through our state are generally not aware of this MOVE OVER law thus creating further safety concerns when an aware driver attempts to comply.

“YOU BE THE JUDGE” – be careful when attempting to comply. The law specifically states: if possible with due regard to safety and traffic conditions

SPECIAL NOTE: The statement — if changing lanes would be impossible or unsafe references two different types of roadways.

1. Multiple lane same direction traffic roadways where lane changing is normally available, but traffic conditions may prevent the lane change due to safety concerns.

2. Two-way roads (single lane in each direction) where the potential hazard of opposite direction traffic would prohibit a lane change.

3. If a SAFE lane change is not an option then SLOWING DOWN if SAFE is required.

Move Over Law compliance – safety first: “YOU BE THE JUDGE”!

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