Technology Driving Distractions

There is no question technology is doing great things to advance vehicle safety.

Below is just a sampling of the new innovations in the area of auto safety:

1. LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM – computer operated alert system warns drivers when drifting out of their lane.

2. BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY – provides motorists a computerized hands-free solution to talking on the phone while driving.

3. SIDE-CURTAIN AIRBAGS – head protecting airbags that deploy from the ceiling and inflate next to the vehicle’s side windows when the vehicle is hit from the side.

4. TIRE-PRESSURE MONITORING – warns driver when a low tire or blowout is detected.

5. COLLISION MITIGATING BRAKING – radar that automatically applies the brakes when sensing a crash is imminent.

6. ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL – a system that applies brakes to individual wheels of a vehicle when instability is detected.

7. HILL START ASSIST – on a hill when the driver’s foot moves from the brake to the gas pedal, the Hill Start Assist maintains the brake system pressure for up to 1.5 seconds before releasing the pressure smoothly as the car accelerates.

8. SOFT STOP ASSIST – recognizes that the vehicle is coming to a halt and reduces the brake pressure at the rear wheels just before it stops, allowing the vehicle to stop smoothly.

However, there is THE REST OF THE STORY: Technology has and will continue to play a strong role in DISTRACTING the operator of a motor vehicle. Audio and video technology has advanced to the point where live TV shows can be viewed in a moving motor vehicle – supposedly live TV can be viewed in the front seat only when the vehicle is in PARK. WE REPORT – YOU DECIDE!

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