Triangular Island Traffic Control Devices In Delaware

Picture #5-13

QUESTION: What corrections need to be made in intersection picture above (DE #4 and Harmony Road — Newark DE).

ANSWER: Absolutely none according to DelDOT: Intersection #5-13 has …a triangular island separating the through traffic movement from the right-turn traffic movement… (arrow #1). Intersection #5-13 has a YIELD SIGN (arrow #2): …when a triangular island is striped or exists as a concrete island between the right-turn movement and the adjacent through movements, the proper traffic control for the right-turn movement is a YIELD condition. No STOP LINE required: …the right-turn movement should not have a STOP LINE and should have a YIELD SIGN.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some Inconsistencies/Confusions of intersections identified may have been adjusted by DelDOT since the publishing of this course.

Delaware Defensive Driving Course