Where To Practice Driving In Delaware

Classroom and online courses (KNOWLEDGE) are taught in a STATIC ENVIRONMENT. A STATIC ENVIRONMENT remains still like a drawing on a piece of paper. However, driving skill learning can only take place in a DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT — meaning it is ever changing and requires considerable PRACTICE.

Please note the pictures of a STICK SHIFT and a brand new CHEVY CAMARO — pictures #1-6 & #1-7 below.

Picture #1-6

Picture #1-7

Telling a friend and/or family member (KNOWLEDGE) how to shift gears while driving your brand new Camaro without providing actual PRACTICE is not exactly a smart decision. Is this a risk you would be willing to take?

Unfortunately, there are those who still believe QUICK REACTION PHYSICAL BEHAVIORS can be successfully taught in a classroom setting while ignoring the absolute requirement of PRACTICE (remember that brand new Chevy Camaro picture #1-7 above).

Two prominent examples of MYTHS that unfortunately serve no purpose other than the FEEL GOOD scenario are the teaching of SKID RECOVERY TECHNIQUES and HEAD-ON COLLISION AVOIDANCE in a classroom setting without the opportunity for a single second of practice. Sorry, it just does not work!

“VEHICLE EMERGENCIES” information is available in the Delaware Drivers Manual pages 131-133 for those who take the position classroom teaching is sufficient.

Many driving skills simply cannot be practiced anywhere but on the road, but good classroom training (in person or online) and a clear understanding of the rules of the road is a vital first step.


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