Yellow and White Pavement Lines

In the picture, above Delaware motorists are again faced with an inaccuracy in the critical area of pavement line markings. Take a quick look and see if you can locate the pavement line marking inaccuracy in the city of Wilmington roadway before proceeding to picture #13-19 which shows the corrected markings.

Take one more look at picture #13-18 above before looking at picture #13-19 below for the answer to: Which pavement line markings or markings need to be corrected?

Yes, you are correct. The pavement line marking identified by the black arrow in picture #13-19 above was originally painted yellow. Even a beginning driver knows a yellow pavement line marking identifies opposite direction traffic to the left (there are small exceptions to the opposite direction traffic principle, but this is not one of them). Unfortunately, DelDot and/or the City of Wilmington allowed this mistake to exist for years.

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